Threat Intelligence and Host Information

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This page was generated as a result of this host being detected actively attacking or scanning another host. See below for information related to the host network, location, number of days noticed, protocols attacked and other information including reverse DNS and whois.

Potentially Malicious Host 🟡 47/100

Host and Network Information

  • Tags: Nextray, Port scan, cyber security, digital ocean, ioc, malicious, phishing, scanners, snmp, tsec
  • View other sources: Spamhaus VirusTotal

  • Country: Moldova, Republic of
  • Network: AS200019 alexhost srl
  • Noticed: 10 times
  • Protcols Attacked: snmp
  • Countries Attacked: Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America

Open Ports Detected


CVEs Detected

CVE-2016-20012 CVE-2017-15906 CVE-2018-15473 CVE-2018-15919 CVE-2018-20685 CVE-2019-6109 CVE-2019-6110 CVE-2019-6111 CVE-2020-14145 CVE-2020-15778 CVE-2021-36368 CVE-2021-41617


Whois Information

  • inetnum: -
  • netname: ALEXHOST-NET
  • descr: ALEXHOST
  • country: MD
  • admin-c: SZ3268-RIPE
  • tech-c: SZ3268-RIPE
  • abuse-c: AR18916-RIPE
  • status: ASSIGNED PA
  • mnt-domains: MOLDTELECOM-MNT
  • mnt-lower: MOLDTELECOM-MNT
  • created: 2022-02-04T08:39:51Z
  • last-modified: 2022-02-04T08:39:51Z
  • person: AlexHost SRL
  • address: str. Constantin Brancusi nr. 3, Chisinau, Moldova
  • phone: +37379600002
  • nic-hdl: SZ3268-RIPE
  • mnt-by: CLOUDATAMD-MNT
  • created: 2014-03-21T14:17:01Z
  • last-modified: 2023-03-03T08:12:53Z
  • route:
  • descr: AlexHost-NET
  • origin: AS200019
  • created: 2022-02-04T08:13:56Z
  • last-modified: 2022-02-04T08:13:56Z

Links to attack logs

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