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Where is the data sourced from?

IP addresses are collected from honeypot logs which are distributed internationally. This data is enriched with API feeds and other passive data which includes: shodan API, Alienvault OTX API, whois.

What is this website built with?

This site is generated by shell scripts which write markdown, which is then converted into html using jekyll. Charts and maps are built with amcharts and bing maps.

Can I use this threa intelligence?

The data provided here is currently TLP:White and free to use in any form for commerical or non-commercial purposes. This is subject to change at any time, and will be updated here.

Can I have my IP Address removed from this page?

Please contact me at ja mes @ jamesbrine[.]com[.au] if you would like to request removal from this website. Each request will be considered individually based upon the nature of the IP (dynamic/static) and the time since an event was logged.